Kamiyada - Murdered Lyrics

Kamiyada - Murdered Lyrics

Had to break out
The lab today
I came ready to spaz today

I don't know what you thought
But I promise my niggas ain't
Going out sad today

I don't care who hurt
I don't care who mad
These niggas gone have to wait

But im tired of talking
Im not tryna listen to shit
That you had to say

It look like a death note
Wrote out the list
Feel like a bonfire we brought
The sticks

Just hit the dropzone reload
The clip, we blew the house down
Brick after brick

Came with the wolfpack
Ya'll brought the pigs
Clearly you bitch made
Still talking shit

She wanna come through
She copped the lyft
Now she in the bedroom
Deep throating dick

New test subject murdered
My way out the lab (yuh)

My blade looking for niggas
That it could stab (yuh)

Yo bitch looking for penis to fill the gap
Feel like Donald Trump need me a pussy
That I could grab (yuh)

All black fit like venom (uh)
My drip sick got symptoms (uh)
I wanna fuck Katt Dennings
Bumpin Slipknot with yo bitch
She a christian (uh)

This flow accidental (yuh!)
Andrew told me kill em (yuh!)
Hit em with the AK-K-K
If a nigga want smoke then the AK
Will grill em (yuh!)


List of my regrets
Showing you respect
No not this again got
My hands around ya neck

Murdered in designer drippin
Bloody VVS running outta time
Headed straight to my address

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