Pressa - Longway Lyrics

Pressa - Longway Lyrics

Friend: So…yo like
Friend: Yeah, yeah
Friend: I told him to give no 80's b, none less than 800 hunnid
Pressa: None less than 800 hunnid?
Friend: Nah
Friend: I only got balls left wrapped up
Friend: Hello? on the phone
Pressa: Who’s that? Who's that?
Friend: Aight, come to the door on the phone
phone snaps closed
Friend: Gimme a 8 ball of the white, he at the door
Pressa: Go answer the door bro
Friend: Cuz, I told you I don't do the doors
Pressa: Yo, lil bro you can answer this door bro, this nigga don’t wanna answer the door bro
Pressa: Wanna answer the door now bro?
Friend: I told you I don't do the doors, cuz, you know my ting
Pressa: 'Cause last time niggas was at the door and shit
Friend: Don't do the doors b
Pressa: You the motherfuckin' door man next time, next wop coming you gon be a door man nigga. This 8 hunnid?

Interrogator: You're locked up in here right now and you're talking to me. And that's the only person your going to talk to! So you better start talking!
Pressa: Don’t fucking touch me bro!
Interrogator: What?! What are you going to do about it!

[Intro: Pressa]
Yeah, yeah, fuck
Uh, nigga really came a long way
Uh, came from servin’ in the hallway
Used to play the black tile I got nauseate
I met some folks from up the street and they say they know my opps beat

My opps they scared they wildin'
Slide when they got jolly
Slide when it get foggy
Jumpin’, feelin' froggy
Half his niggas dead and half my niggas caught a body
Just for demihani
I came up with Tommy
And everytime i'm there my block my clip full
Got my nose in the pile turn red like a pitbull
I take your advice and add a little twist to it
And in this game you lose your life, lil' nigga there’s a risk to it
We speak money, so fluent, I send that lil' bitch to it
If he ain't talkin' the wrist game, he asked how my wrist do it
I turned this shit world wide
I felt it when Wass died
And I was only 22 when daddy he got 25
And if they don't listen, you'll have to feel me
Big dawg gotta eat they'll have to fill me

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