Allan Kingdom - Rewind Lyrics

Allan Kingdom - Rewind Lyrics

[Allan Kingdom]
You don't let no nigga talk to you no kinda way
Black queen warrior talking bout Wakanda way
Never shown a man love, so they say you kinda gay
Your friends flashy, you don’t need that type of-
You don't need that shit if you ask me
Getting crabby cuz they don't deserve your patty
You got your defense on any nigga that try you
Want the D, damn, but none of these niggas is right
I put the 5 in, just so you could feel it
I put the 9 in, if you want the realest
Cat calling all they do is provoke you
You want a gentleman that ain’t a hoe, too
You want him to hold the door, then stroke and choke when he all up in your tummy, get you actin' like you 'posed to
When they saying you a b*tch when you speaking your mind
Because it mighta been a while since that feeling you like
I'm saying-

Oh, oh, mighty fine
Don't let back on me, rewind it
She could be a vibe killer
Til I turn and did it from behind, kill her
Oh, oh, mighty fine
Don't let back on me, rewind it
Ayy, she can be a vibe killer
Until I turn and did it from behind, kill her

When I'm inside Imma mash it up
Every real nigga need a nasty girl (yeah)
You ain't my nigga don’t dab me up (ah)
Shout out to the woman that’s sassy, uh
One take, two take, three take, yeah
Shake that booty like a earthquake
When she back it up, Imma need first take
Imma hurt these niggas in the worst way, yeah
Uh, young Drelli (uh)
When I step on the scene, real scary
And I can make you laugh like Jim Carrey
And she passed the blunt like hail mary
Uh, I swear for God
Uh, yeah, don't you stop
Uh, you deserve a round of applause
Ay, you deserve a round of applause

[Allan Kingdom]
Like Madeba, I keep it real
Like the pledge of allegiance, she gon kneel
I like a slim waist, and I like me in the middle, and I like a pretty kitty, like to kill it, hospital
And it’s nice to meet ya, Mr. Africa
Mr. I'll freak ya like an animal creature, like a cannibal, eat ya, can't elope, too soon
But your cantaloupe sweet, peel off your clothes too soon

Put you on rewind
Put you on rewind
He with you all the time
With you all the time
I'll do anything for
I’ll do anything for
Just don't push fast forward
Just don't push fast forward


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