Stro - I'm Up Lyrics

Stro - I'm Up Lyrics

What's up?
Gettin' some candy?
Ain't gettin' nothin'?
Straight up
Give me some candy, man. You ain't got no change?

[Verse 1]
I'm on a mission, it's clear
No, they ain't thinkin' it's fair from takin' the train everywhere
Duckin' the fare, I need to be in a lair
Fully prepared, uh, often revered
I don't do parties, it's weird
I rather work, you can go be in the mix
While I call a engineer
My life is wild, force me to switch up the style
I go through this shit every year, not that you care
I turn the drama to gold, you lovin' the shit that you hear
Handle my business, hits, no misses
I wanna hit no misses
Wait, what is this?
I'm suddenly lit, I can help but notice the difference
I could be trippin', but I feel like they get it now
Last year, I was lukewarm, but I'm more lucrative now
Last year, they was so live, but I'm more "Who's spittin'?" now
Huh, no opinions in my factions
Similar to this shit snappin', we cap it
I know I'm battery cappin', too busy thinkin' ahead
If she do want me, I'm missin' the signs
Too busy thinkin' the bread
I admit, I be conflicted
Music and life, I can't see the difference
Stevie Wonder with the vision
Fuck it though, that's how we livin'

Wake up, then I bake up
Gotta get the cake up (Yeah, yeah)
Wake up, then I bake up
Gotta get the cake up
Wake up, then I bake up
Gotta get the cake up
Wake up, that I bake up
Gotta get that cake up

[Verse 2]
Yeah, pull up to the stu', make a Brooklyn zoo inspiration
Niggas that I knew never found a new occupation
Some be flippin' packs, Stro be flippin' raps
If you call my phone without a stack, I'ma call you back
Shit is that real for me
I'm no Cosby, don't nobody get the bill for me
Put in that practice, don't nobody get the skill for me
Spittin' that crack, just want somebody get the skill for me
Wait, weigh in and sell it, the way that I tell it
Gotta be one of a kind
I don't believe in them numbers, they lyin'
Stood up and study the clock, why?
I'm tryna stand the test of time
Me, I'ma hit with the rap
Started the company up for federal scratch
Grade A legal money, now they can't take nothin' from me
I got the game out of Oakland
Dreams, I put it in motion
They tryna set a president, I was never into votin'
Never second guess, only follow what's behind my chest
Y'all gon' follow rules, that just lead you to defy your fresh

Wake up, then I bake up
Gotta get the cake up
Wake up, then I bake up
Gotta get the cake up
Wake up, then I bake up
Gotta get the cake up
Wake up (Yeah), then I bake up
Gotta get that cake up

It's like, only if you can relate, uh
Give him the game, uh, only if you can relate
Uh, uh, uh
Whoa, I got a lot on my plate, uh
Be on the grind, yeah, I be in and out of state, hol' up
Hehe, huh, I fuck with this right here
Grade A tribe shit, uh
For e'rybody puttin' in that ten-thousand hours
And we do it like
Uh, yeah
2019, let's get it
Swish, swish, uh

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